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FREE  Workshops

With over four decades of experience as a public speaker and teacher, Donna M. Trickett has developed two PowerPoint workshops from her personal experiences and research.


ONE FREE Book will be given to the organization or individual who assembles 50 or more attendees for the workshop.





Caregiving 101

Donna’s PowerPoint Caregiving 101 workshop offers over 50 facts and helpful ideas to benefit caregivers of senior adults. based on Donna's years as the primary caregiver and POA to her Alzheimer's mother. 

Based on over 10 years as primary caregiver and POA for both her parents, her Caregiving 101 Workshop will review legal, financial, and medical issues, while acknowledging the needs of the caregiver and the senior parent. This one-hour workshop contains humorous, informative, hands-on activities to make the journey a little easier on the caregivers.

It’s a must attend workshop for anyone caring for an aging parent or spouse out of their home or a care facility.  This workshop will also target the issues of Alzheimer's, dementia, or loss of memory after a stroke. 



Treasures from Your Tears

Donna’s PowerPoint presentation entitled, Treasures from YourTears will cover eleven treasures Donna extracted from the death of their five-year-old daughter, Kimberly, and her own personal injuries.  The attendees will discover that Donna's treasures are valuable lessons that they will be able to apply to their own trials.


This one-hour workshop will be an inspiring and uplifting experience, filled with hope, sprinkled with humor, highlighted by Biblical references and open discussion time.


This is a must attend workshop for anyone who has lost a loved one.


How do I sign up for a FREE Workshop?


(1) You must represent a legitimate church or organization, preferably in OHIO’s Franklin, Madison, or Pickaway Counties. (Please inquire about exceptions for workshops outside of these counties.)

(2) Try to schedule your workshop at least 2 weeks in advance.

(3) Display the posters I will send you in a prominent place in your organization and/or community.

(4) Complete and submit the answers to the following FIVE questions to *

The name and address of your organization

Your name (that should be the person in charge of the workshop setup)

Your address

Your phone number and email address

Date and time of day you would like to schedule your workshop (good to have two possible dates in case the first is taken--) and be sure to state which workshop you desire...(1) Caregiving 101 or (2) Treasures from Your Tears.

*If you prefer to write to me, please send the above information to:

Donna Trickett; 2455 Bloxom St.; Grove City, OH 43123    © 2011
Offering HOPE to Caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients and the Bereaved