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Treasures from the Wreckage


An inspiring true story that will help you find hope in your trials.



Donna M. Trickett survived the horrific accident you see on the cover of this book but her five-year-old daughter, Kimberly, did not. During Donna’s two-month stay in the hospital and the ensuing trials, from blood clots to law suits, she was amazed to discover God and hope instead of depression and self-pity.


Treasures from the Wreckage is a must-read for anyone who has lost a loved one. This three-part book contains a captivating story, a Treasure Chest chapter that will bring Donna’s treasures home to you, and a Biblically based Study Guide chapter that will help you get through the wreckage in your life.


Treasures from the Wreckage is available in paperback, hard cover, and eBook format through Xlibris, (click on the book cover to the right). You can also find the book on,, and websites.


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Reader’s comments about

Treasures from the Wreckage:


"I belonged to a bereaved parent group quite a few years after I lost my son...When I attended those meetings I met so many people who blamed God for their loss. They carried so much anger that they turned away from the very help they so desperately needed.  I think Treasures from the Wreckage would have been a great help to those angry hurting people and to anyone who loses a child.  I highly recommend it."

--Evelyn Barritt, bereaved parent


“I believe that Treasures from the Wreckage is highly therapeutic for anyone who has an ear to hear; and Donna Trickett’s style of writing is captivating.”

                                            --Arnold Clauson, pastor


“I do find this work to be amazing, encouraging, and yes, inspiring, because how else but through the grace of God and the comfort of the Holy Spirit, along with the truth of God’s word could one find 'Treasures from the Wreckage?'...Your study guide questions are helpful and thought-provoking.”

                                           --Cheryl Paynter, author


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