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Listen to wsRadio Interview


Listen to Donna Trickett interview by (scrolling down to the archieve date of 7-30-11 and to segment 04) on "Coping with Caregiving" Radio show hosted by Jacqueline Marcell best selling-author of Elder Rage.




This Podcast is a sampling taken from chapter 17, My Treasure Chest, in my latest publication,

Treasures from the Wreckage

In addition to these encouraging messages, the text has over 200 personal and Biblically-based suggestions to help the bereaved find hope and purpose after the death of a loved one.


This Podcast is taken from chapter 9,

Treasured Senior Memories, in my book,

Inside Mom's Mind

Throughout the text and in the summary chapter, you will discover over 100 ideas to make your journey as a caregiver more pleasant for you and your loved one.    © 2011
Offering HOPE to Caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients and the Bereaved