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Inside Mom’s Mind

Journey into the thoughts of an Alzheimer's patient.


Every 68 seconds another individual develops Alzheimer’s. Eleven years ago, Donna’s 83-year-old mother began her forgetful journey into this disease.


In a desire to help other caregivers in the midst of their hardship, Donna has dared to go Inside Mom’s Mind.


This true story of her mother’s often exasperating, occasionally tearful, sometimes humorous, and inevitably inspiring experience will help you to better understand Alzheimer’s.


Come take a journey Inside Mom’s Mind to recognize the heart and thoughts of your aging parent and gain over 100 helpful ideas along the way to benefit caregivers of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and stroke patients.


Inside Mom’s Mindis available in paperback, hard cover, and eBook format through Xlibris, (click on the book cover to the right). You can also find the book on,, and websites.



ORDER Inside Mom's Mind,

in paperback, hardcover or eBook format

from one of the following websites:

XlibrisBarnes and Noble or Amazon



Here are some reader’s comments about Inside Mom’s Mind:


Inside Mom’s Mind is a great story that provides both education on Alzheimer’s/dementia and living in a “facility” atmosphere as well as an emotional heartfelt recounting of the feelings and memories of having a loved one with Alzheimer’s.”

                                        --Melissa VanBuren,           

                Marketing Director at Traditions at Mill Run,

                an assisted living residence.

“My mother is now a resident of Crandall, due to Parkinson’s Plus, and I can relate to many of the same frustrations you site in the book. Your story could help many other people who are dealing with the same challenges.”

                                         –Judi Bender,

                           LSW Director of Independent Living

                    at Copeland Oaks Retirement Community


“When I finished reading Inside Mom’s Mind, I felt that I had accompanied you through the trials and joys of your mom’s last days. You made me feel I had walked in the corridors of the hospitals and nursing homes with you. You’ve portrayed the life and thoughts of an Alzheimer’s patient with compassion and realism…Your story ought to be a valuable resource for children of aging parents suffering from dementia.”

                                 --Bruce Riegel,                         

                                 son-in-law of Alzheimer's patient


“The honesty and transparency of real everyday life experiences with Alzheimer’s disease is the best part of this book, in order for newcomers to the disease to be affirmed and helped, veterans of the disease to glean fresh ideas to try, and caregiver survivors to process their memories and find closure.”                                              --Norma McCue,

                                  Caregiver of Alzheimer’s parent


“Children with aging parents need to read this book, just as we previously read books on becoming a parent…When I started reading Inside Mom's Mind , I wasn’t able to put it down.”

                                 --Lynn Cehlar,

                             Caregiver of parents in their eighties    © 2011
Offering HOPE to Caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients and the Bereaved