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      With over 1001  easy-to- understand bits of vital information for all caregivers of seniors, from medical, financial and legal to emotional and relational issues that inevitably will come up in the course of your caregiving experience, Caregiving 101 is a must have.

There are 40 pages of vital information to personalize the care of your loved one, lots of resource websites to go to for more knowledge in a variety of subject areas and over 30 pages of often hard to understand professional jargon like “DNR-cc, universal vs. variable life insurance, contingent beneficiaries” and more.  This book will become a constant companion for any caregiver of a senior.



Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia are on the rise.  And with them are a growing army of caregivers who feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities.  In my book, Inside Mom’s Mind, you will journey into the thoughts of my Alzheimer’s mother from the time she began to show signs of the disease to the last days we shared together.

While her thoughts are interpreted by me through her expressions and our long time mother/daughter bond, I feel you will come to see the multi-faceted parts to this forgetful illness as it brings tears, laughter and hope to the reader.  This book also includes over 100 helpful ideas in working with your dementia loved one.



This inspiring true story will help you to find hope in your trials.  Treasures from the Wreckage is the story of our tragic car accident in 1978, when our 5 year old daughter died and I was hospitalized for 2 months.  And while that may seem like a very depressing story, please find the courage to finish the book which is riddled with hope and love that only God can provide.

This book takes you beyond that fateful day to the many treasures that could only come from going through a trial, a new appreciation of life and all it’s many blessings that God revealed over time.  Included is a summery of the 11 treasures we gained from our tragedy and a Bible study guide to help you apply those lessons to your trials though the Word of God.





Here is a Comment about Caregiving 101:

    Caregiving 101 is Donna’s third book which is filled with creative caregiving ideas and solutions, amazing true stories, fascinating charts, fun cartoons and an extensive section for keeping track of your loved one’s personal and medical information.        It’s a must-have for caregivers of elders and a valuable gift for your own POA (Power of Attorney).”

Stated by Jacqueline Marcell, Author of Elder Rage, international speaker and host of “Coping with Caregiving” radio show.








Here are some readers comments about Inside Mom’s Mind:

Inside Mom’s Mind is a great story that provides both education on Alzheimer’s, dementia and living in a facility atmosphere as well as an emotional heartfelt recounting of the feelings and memories of having a loved one with Alzheimer’s.”

Stated by Melissa VanBuren, marketing director at Traditions at Mill Run, an Assisted Living Residence


“My mother is now a resident of Crandall due to Parkinson’s Disease plus, and I can relate to many of the same frustrations you site in the book.  Your story could help many other people who are dealing with the same challenges.”

Stated by Judi Bender LSW, director of independent living at Copeland Oaks Retirement Community





Here are some reader’s comments about Treasures from the Wreckage:

   “I belonged to a bereaved parent group quite a few years after I lost my son.  When I attended those meetings I met so many people who blamed God for their loss.  They carried so much anger that they turned away from the very help they so desperately needed.  I think Treasures from the Wreckage would have been a great help to those angry hurting people and to anyone who loses a child.  I highly recommend it.”

Stated by Evelyn Barritt, bereaved parent


“I believe that Treasures from the Wreckage is highly therapeutic for anyone who has an ear to hear; and Donna Trickett’s style is captivating.”

Stated by Arnold Clauson, pastor