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Listen to wsRadio Interview


Listen to Donna Trickett interview on "Coping with Caregiving" Radio show (scroll down to the archieve date of 7-30-11 and to segment 04) hosted by Jacqueline Marcell best selling-author of Elder Rage.



FREE Books


Limited quantities.  Call Today!


Having made the decision to no longer sell books at our free workshops, we are offering the remainder of our inventory FREE to any non-profit organizations in the Franklin County; Columbus, Ohio area.


This is a one-time, first-come first-served offer for as long as our inventory lasts. All three books are still available in limited quantities.  Caregiving 101, Inside Mom's Mind and Treasures From the Wreckage


Call today 614-277-1348 and request the number of copies you would want and where we can deliver them. 


You will simply be asked to sign a paper acknowledging the amount of copies you recieved.  You may distribute them to your group or sell them as a fund raiser.


Any future copies of my books will be for sale at their retail cost via the various distributers noted on this website.





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Offering HOPE to Caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients and the Bereaved