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Caregiving 101

1001 easy-to-understand bits of vital information


A must-have book for anyone who is in

need of care or giving care to a senior adult.


Based on over 10 years of persoanl experience as POA (Power of Attorney) for her ailing father and Alzheimer's-afflicted mother and 8 additional years of research on the subject , Donna Trickett has whittled the multitude of caregiving duties down to the essential easy-to-understand basics in her new book, Caregiving 101.


Caregiving 101. covers a myriad of issues**  from financial, legal, medical,and Medicare to Alzheimer's, as well as unique resource materials


**In addition to the above information, Donna has included

(1)   Easy-to-understand charts

(2)  Enjoyable cartoons

(3)  Straight talk

(4)  Comprehensive dictionary of legal, medical

      and financial terms

(5)  True mini stories

(6)  Section on how colors effect your loved one

(7)  Crafts to improve your parent's journey          

      (like a wallet-sized medical ID card with      

      43 pieces of vital information)

(8)  Ideas to make a nursing home or assisted

      living facility more comfortable

(9)  Chapter to relieve some of the guilt of


(10) Section on how to start an enjoyable

       outreach to senior housing facilities

(11) 40 pages of vital statistics about your loved

       to have with you wherever you go

(12) Housing considerations.

(13) and a lot more.




ORDER Caregiving 101,in

paperback, hardcover, or eBook format,

from one of the following websites:

XlibrisBarnes and Noble, or Amazon







Great Resource for Overwhelmed Caregivers!

     "After caring for her elderly father and Alzheimer’s afflicted mother for ten years, Donna devoted her life to helping caregivers of senior adults.

     ‘Caregiving 101’ is her third book, which is filled with creative caregiving ideas and solutions, amazing true stories, fascinating charts, fun cartoons, and an extensive section for keeping track of your personal and medical information.

     It’s a must-have for caregivers of elders and a valuable gift for the holder of your own Power of Attorney (POA). You can hear Donna sharing some of her vast caregiving knowledge (if you will scroll down to the archieve date of 7-30-11 and to segment 04) at wsRadio interview ."

-stated by Jacqueline Marcell,

Author of Elder Rage, International Speaker, Host of 'Coping with Caregiving' Radio Show


If you are the caregiver of a senior adult ,

after you purchase this book, read at least the first 2 chapters and then complete the 40 pages of important information about your senior loved one.  Then, feel free to make copies* of chapter 14 so that you can fill out a set of vital information sheets for each of your parents and family members. After that, you will be well on your way to giving your loved one outstanding care in their golden years.


If you are the senior who wants good care in the future from your adult child, after purchasing this book, fill in the 40 pages of vital information in chapter 14.  Highlight any sections you feel are most important to you in yellow (it copies better) and give it to your caregiver. After that, you can relax knowing that you have saved your caregiver hours of research when they find themselves knee deep in your medical, financial, and housing needs and you'll know you helped them find the important information they will need more easily.


(*Remember, copying any copyrighted material for anything other than personal use is illegal)    © 2011
Offering HOPE to Caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients and the Bereaved